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Pack Size: 10

Category: Freshwater Soft Baits


Trailer Watermelon Seed
Trailer Sandy Gold
Trailer Pearl White
Trailer Motor Oil Red
Trailer Chartreuse
Trailer Black


  • Soft plastic trailer made of durable high-quality plastisol for long lasting use.
  • Won’t change the feel of your jig. Light weight design allows for easy casting.
  • Oval shaped body is simple to rig on any size or design jig.
  • Four-inches in length the Charlie’s trailer come in a resealable 10 pack for value and ease of use.
  • Available in 6 colors. Charlie’s trailer twin tail pulsating action adds profile and length to any jig head.

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watermelon_seed, Sandy_Gold, Pearl_White, MotorOil, Chartreuse, Black


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