Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing Kit
332-Piece Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing Kit - Large Kit This 332-piece Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing kit has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing day on the water. Just grab your poles, your fishing kit, some friends...
$128.99 $102.99
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Inline Circle Hook Kit
Make fishing easier with the convenience of Rite Angler’s Inline Circle Hook Kit featuring a seven-compartment reusable box stocked with 25 pieces each of #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 hooks.  -- INLINE CIRCLE HOOK KIT CONTENTS: 25 each, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 CIRCLE HOOKS: Manufactured so that the...
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651-Piece Premium Rigging Kit
This 651-piece Premium Rigging Kit has all the high-quality rigging components you need to quickly custom create and tightly rig lines, baits and lures for trolling, kite fishing, deep dropping, reef fishing and more. Your premium rigging kit will include...
162-Piece Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit
162-Piece Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit This 162-piece complete beach and pier fishing kit has all the high-quality tackle you need for a great summer on the water. Just grab your pole, your fishing kit and head to the...
$62.50 $50.00
Rite Angler Live Bait Hook Box
Make it easy on yourself with the convenience of Rite Angler’s Live Bait Hook Box,  featuring a seven-compartment reusable box stocked with five pieces each of 5/0, 6/0 L197, 6/0 L2004, 8/0 hooks and 10 pieces each of 3/0, 4/0, 7/0 hooks.   --   Rite Angler's Live Bait Hook Box contains 45...
22-Piece Red Eye Jig Kit
This 22-piece Red Eye Jig Kit has all the high-quality red eye jig heads you need for a successful day on the water. With seven sizes of jig heads, you have all the flexibility you need to catch anything from...
Jerk Bait Kit (23 pieces)
Charlie's Worms Jerk Bait Kit, 23 pieces in assorted colors with three jigs. 5” soft plastic Swimming Juke has natural movement and a more realistic appearance underwater. -- Charlie's Worms Jerk Bait Kit VARIETY: Four assorted colors in every kit,...
Octopus Beak Straight Shank Hook Kit
Convenient, seven-compartment reusable box stocked with 25 pieces each of #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 hooks. A strong, versatile hook for big game fish. -- Octopus Beak Straight Shank Hook Kit: 25 pieces each of #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 hooks THE...
O'Shaughnessy Short Shank Hook Kit
O'Shaughnessy Short Shank is a standard hook forged with a very strong bend. It is relatively thick and very strong. Generally designed for saltwater, it is good for general bottom fishing use. The hook kit contains 25 of each: #1,...
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Crimp Kit
A great crimp kit for big game rigging especially when you don’t want to lose your expensive lures! CONTENTS: 100 each of 1.3mm, 1.6mm Sleeves,  50 each of 1.9mm, 2.2mm Sleeves, 50 each of Nylon and Stainless Steel Thimbles  --   Crimp Kit CONTENTS: 100...
Spade Tail Grub Kit (36 pieces)
Four assorted colors. Includes jigs. 36 pieces in total. The fat-bodied, soft bait grub design gives off a natural presentation that fish love. --   Spade Tail Grub Kit Kits are convenient. Having this 36-piece Spade Tail Grub soft bait...
Egg Sinker Kit (30 pieces)
Lead egg sinkers are a favorite among catfish anglers as well as the best choice for Carolina rigging for bass. They work perfectly for dragging along the bottom through mud, gravel, or sand to attract a fish’s attention. 30 Piece...
Swimbait Kit (22 pieces)
4” swim bait with a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail to create balanced action in the water. 22 piece kit includes hooks and weights. -- Swimbait Kit stocked with Charlie's Worms classic 4″, paddle tail Lil' Zipper Dipper...
Small Tackle Kit (192 pcs.)
This 192-piece small tackle kit is perfect for anglers of all kinds. Great for either freshwater or saltwater angling, this kit is designed as a grab-and-go, allowing you to fish anytime, anywhere. It conveniently fits neatly into most cars’ gloveboxes,...
Gecko Lizard Kit
Realistic, high-quality design, Charlie’s 6.5" gecko features a sleek lightweight profile and webbed feet for life-like action. Kit contains 26 pieces in total. -- Gecko Lizard Kit from Charlie's Worms contains 26 pieces in four assorted colors. It also includes...
Large Tackle Kit (377 pcs)
This 377-piece Large Tackle Kit means no more weekly trips to the tackle shop. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water. Because of the large amount of tackle included, you’ll not only...
Curly Tail Grub Kit
The Curly Tail Grub Kit contains three jigs and soft bait in four assorted colors. 23 pieces in total. -- Charlie's Worms 4" Curly Tail Grub Kit They're versatile! You can use it for anything, a grub works well in...
269-Piece Complete Tackle Kit
Save time and a lot of money with your new 269-piece Complete Tackle Kit. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water, without you going through the hassle of hand assembling this wide...
Octopus Beak Up-eye Hook Kit
Octopus beak up-eye hook kit, 25ea., 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 -- Octopus Beak Up-Eye Hook Kit Saltwater grade, corrosion-resistant, black nickel finish hooks Great for Bass and many other freshwater and saltwater species. These hooks are precision-crafted...
Super Zipper Dipper Kit
Charlie’s Super Zipper Dipper kit, 20 pieces. --   Super Zipper Dipper Kit - 20 Pieces Charlie’s 4.5" Super Zipper Dipper has a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail that create balanced action in the water The round tapered...
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If you’re a saltwater angler, you know the importance of good, solid, and reliable tackle. The best tackle and fishing kits can handle the biggest most aggressive fish. And there’s no better way to ensure you have the best tackle than by using Rite Angler’s saltwater tackle and soft bait fishing kits.

Fishing kits allow angels to have everything they need for a successful fishing trip. Whether it be a crimp kit or rigging kit to make your own terminal tackle, or a hook kit to ensure you’ve got more than enough hooks for a full day’s fishing, our fishing kits are designed to keep you on the water and catching. Over and over again.

If you fish from a pier, beach or jetty, try our Ultimate Beach and Pier Fishing kit. You’ll have everything you need to slay the Snook, pound the Pompano and wreck the Redfish.

Every angler needs a complete tackle fishing kit. Whether you fish offshore, nearshore or inshore, complete tackle fishing kits give you the flexibility to catch almost anything, almost anywhere!

Anglers who love jigging for big wreck fish will want to try our Red Eye Jig fishing Kit. This fishing kit comes complete with 21 jig heads in seven different sizes. This saltwater fishing kit is so versatile, you can hook everything from big grouper to blazing kingfish.

For jerk bait and swim bait anglers, our complete jerk and swim bait fishing kits will keep you on the water all day long. Fish after fish!

Different types of fishing Kits

Rite Angler fishing kits are available for a variety of different anglers who fish offshore, nearshore, or inshore.
Our various fishing kits include:
Extra sharp hooks of different sizes and shanks
sinkers of different sizes
high quality soft baits
extra strong swivels and sleeves
crimping tools
fishing plyers
bait knives
jig heads

Most of our fishing kits come with their own tackle box so you can keep everything organized and at the ready. With Rite Angler fishing kits, you’ve got everything you need to fight the strongest fish, and have the best day on the water possible.

Why Choose Rite Angler fishing kits

All Rite Angler fishing kits include only the highest quality terminal tackle, rigging, tools and soft baits. Our jig heads are incredibly strong, our hooks incredibly sharp and our rigging and crimping kits are the best you’ll find anywhere.
Everything in Rite Angler fishing kits were hand selected by anglers, for anglers. You won’t find better quality fishing kits at a better-quality value anywhere else.

Fishing is a sport practiced in areas all over the world, and anglers can catch fish from virtually any terrain as long as there’s a body of water nearby. Fishing gear remains a critical component of fishing for catching fish and ensuring efficient operation and safety for the angler.

The best saltwater fishermen and women understand the benefits of saltwater fishing tackle kits. Saltwater fishing lure kits and specialized pier kits ensure that these packages contain everything an angler needs. Whether a novice angler or an old pro, tacklebox kits are reliable to know they’ve got suitable tools for the correct species.

Always Have the Right Equipment 

Fishing is a pastime that almost everyone can enjoy on any scale. A casual fisherman might try his luck with his pier kit in hand with a few friends while professionals get their crew together, fishing for and selling their catch as a job..

Any angler must understand the different types of fishing equipment they have available to meet their needs. Fishing equipment is about far more than just fishing rods and line. Saltwater fishing tackle kits from Rite Angler are the comprehensive solution fishers need to complete or begin their gear collection.

Our fishing kits include only the highest quality terminal tackle, rigging tools, and soft baits. No matter if you’re someone that wants to go fishing for the first time or a pro that needs a solution to round out their kit, our large and small saltwater fishing lure kits and tackle kits are the answer you need.

To learn more about our terminal tackle solutions and how we can help you fill your cooler in no time, contact Rite Angler for additional information!

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