• Why Do I Need a Fishing license?

    Why Do I Need a Fishing license?
    Going out fishing is an amazing way to spend a peaceful day alone or an engaging day with your family or friends. But no matter if you’re catch and release fishing, or looking to fill the cooler with “meat,” chances are you’ll need a fishing license to fully enjoy your time.
  • Reel in the Fun: Offshore Fishing Adventures in the Summer!

    When the summer sun is shining brightly, there's no better way to beat the heat than heading offshore for an exhilarating fishing expedition. Offshore fishing offers anglers a chance to explore the vast open waters, test their skills, and reel in some incredible catches. So, grab your fishing gear, hop in your boat, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable summer adventure! 1....
  • Barrel Swivels

    Barrel Swivels | Uses and Tips
    Unless you’re a seasoned angler, you are not alone if you are wondering how to use a barrel swivel. Thousands of anglers struggle with how to use a barrel swivel. What even is a barrel swivel? When should you use it?  The importance of a barrel swivel cannot be understated. The experts at Rite Angler have compiled a helpful guide to assist new and...
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