• Saltwater Fishing Essentials

    Saltwater Fishing Essentials | Gear
    Preparing for your saltwater fishing trip can be a little overwhelming, but being prepared is essential for a successful and satisfying day out on the sea. You've probably thought of shiny saltwater lures but may be unsure what the best saltwater fishing hooks are. If you've been looking for a comprehensive list of essentials for your fishing expedition, look no further.
  • The Largest Fish Ever Caught on Rod and Reel

    The Largest Fish Ever Caught on Rod and Reel
    Regular-sized fish may be the norm, but there are also people who have caught large, record-breaking creatures with just their trusty rod and reel. Here are some of the largest fish ever caught over the years.
  • Guide to Artificial Bait Presentation

    Guide to Artificial Bait Presentation | Saltwater Fishing
    There is nothing like soaking up the sun with your hook on the water, tasting the salt on your lips, and basking in the thrill of that tug on your line. If you’re a dedicated angler, you live for that moment when your line tugs you realize that you have a bite on your saltwater soft plastic lures. Of course, we assume you’re using...
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