• Snap Swivels

    Snap Swivels | Should You Use Them
    Fishing with a swivel is perfect for relaxed, tangle free  fishing trips. They are easy to use, comfortable to maintain, and help eliminate many problems ordinarily encountered with traditional tackle. What is a Snap Swivel? A snap swivel is a specialized tackle that helps connect your fishing line to your lure while ensuring your line does not twist. A snap swivel rotates in a...
  • How to Use Pompano Rigs

    How to Use Pompano Rigs
    It can seem challenging to catch pompano. A pompano is a deep-bodied toothless fish that tends to be picky with the rigs they'll latch on to. Luckily, anglers everywhere have developed a stunning pompano rig to help catch these elusive and delicious beauties. Pompano make for great table fare! A Pompano Rig A pompano rig, also known as a chicken rig, is a lure...
  • 6 Best Rigs and Baits For Catching Redfish

    6 Best Rigs and Baits For Catching Redfish
    Redfish are one of the most popular sport fish in the United States. In fact, some might even describe them as one of the most accommodating inshore gamefish. An enthusiast can catch red drums in almost any imaginable way! Why are redfish so popular with fishermen? The reasons are simple: they strike hard when hooked, can get very big, and remain delectable when adequately...
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