Barrel Swivels

Unless you’re a seasoned angler, you are not alone if you are wondering how to use a barrel swivel. Thousands of anglers struggle with how to use a barrel swivel. What even is a barrel swivel? When should you use it? 

The importance of a barrel swivel cannot be understated. The experts at Rite Angler have compiled a helpful guide to assist new and less experienced anglers using a barrel swivel for saltwater fishing!

What is a Barrel Swivel?

A barrel swivel is a unique piece of tackle that allows anglers to be more efficient in the water. Barrel swivels allow the fishing line to untwist during retrieval and help prevent tangling. The barrel swivel lets the two lines rotate independently, allowing the line to untie itself during casting and retrieval. It can also apply weight, helping the line sink further into the ocean and find new schools of fish to catch.

For inexperienced anglers, a barrel swivel can help ensure your first cast or drop is not one of frustration as your lines tangle and twist with the shifting of the water. Because of current and tide and drifting, saltwater is notorious for tying up lines with one another, leading to line loss and immense frustration.

Why is a Barrel Swivel Important?

Lines that are twisted weaken one another, leading to untimely snaps and a loss of both rig, bait, and catch! A barrel swivel keeps the lines untangled. Naturally, this ensures that the line will remain strong and not snap during casting or retrieval, or a drop down to the reef–especially if it is wrestling with a strong fish.

You can see how frustrating that would be, especially since repairing a line and attaching new bait takes time–time that could be spent catching another fish or chatting with a new friend at the pier.

When Should You Use a Barrel Swivel?

Fishing in the ocean usually leads to your line getting tangled in the water's shifting currents. While it's not required, it should be mandatory in tumultuous waters. A barrel swivel ensures your lines remain untangled and strong, saving you headaches and trouble later in your fishing adventure.

For new anglers, a barrel swivel can save time as you are still learning the sport. It familiarizes you with tackle and other tack pieces' functions during a cast or drop. Plus, the weight of a barrel swivel can help sink your line further in the ocean, enticing more fish to swim up and take a bite.

Where Can You Find a Barrel Swivel?

Rite Angler has premier, high-quality barrel swivels and saltwater fishing gear for the serious angler. We also supply other terminal  tackle, rigs, tools, cutlery and lures for new and experienced anglers. Our barrel swivels are made by anglers for anglers, with a satisfaction guarantee on every piece of terminal tackle. Our barrel swivel is made with highly corrosion-resistant materials and is graded for saltwater use while maintaining the strength to wrestle and pull large fish to the surface.

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