• Why Do I Need a Fishing license?

    Why Do I Need a Fishing license?
    Going out fishing is an amazing way to spend a peaceful day alone or an engaging day with your family or friends. But no matter if you’re catch and release fishing, or looking to fill the cooler with “meat,” chances are you’ll need a fishing license to fully enjoy your time.
  • Best Tackle for Redfish

    Best Tackle for Redfish | Buyers Guide
    Often an exercise in futility, successful redfish fishing depends on a small but varied tackle selection. Commonly caught in the 4 to 6-pound range, red drums or “redfish” vary from rats of 15 inches or less to the greater-sized bull redfish that can exceed sixty inches in length and weigh a staggering ninety pounds. Redfish have an “inferior” mouth, meaning their nose extends out...
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