Best Tackle for Redfish

Often an exercise in futility, successful redfish fishing depends on a small but varied tackle selection. Commonly caught in the 4 to 6-pound range, red drums or “redfish” vary from rats of 15 inches or less to the greater-sized bull redfish that can exceed sixty inches in length and weigh a staggering ninety pounds.

Redfish have an “inferior” mouth, meaning their nose extends out over the mouth. Reds typically use their hard nose to root around at the bottom of the water column. These fish are opportunistic feeders, not scavengers.

It is a challenge for any expert to determine the best tackle for redfish since they can be so picky on any given day. The gear you should use will depend on where you want to fish and the size of fish you anticipate catching… and how the fish are reacting that day.

Best Rods and Reels for Redfish

Most anglers will target reds in the 3 to 10-pound range. For this type of red drum, medium spinning and light conventional setups work the best. Alternatively, those fishing for larger bull redfish in inlets and around bridges might be better suited using stout, conventional gear.

Medium spinning rods with fast action with a 3000 or 4000 series reel work incredibly well for anglers explicitly targeting redfish. Fast-action in this scenario refers to a stout rod at the butt and middle with tapering for a limber tip. As one of the best rigs for pier fishing and other inshore situations, this outfit enables a fisherman to cast light lures and baits while maintaining appropriate strength to handle decent-sized fish. Like we said, they can grow huge.

Some will utilize spinning rods when fishing with lighter lures and live bait. This setup is more appropriate when fishing redfish sized thirty inches and under in open water.

Choosing a Fishing Line Option

Modern saltwater fishing gear providers offer three basic choices regarding fishing lines for redfish outfits. These include fluorocarbon lines, braided lines and monofilament lines. Using a braided line remains the more popular choice. It is more expensive but doesn’t stretch, offers increased sensitivity, casts further, and lasts longer. A few feet of fluoro or mono leader should be used to help hide the line from the fish's sight.

Some anglers prefer the stretch and feel of the monofilament line. Although braided line may remain more popular among redfish anglers, there is no end-all best tackle for redfish. It all comes down to a matter of individual preference. Pair this with one of our redfish rigs for pier fishing, and any angler is bound to reel in some nice reds.

Top Artificial Lures

Both live bait and artificial lures work great when targeting redfish. The main advantage of lures over traditional live bait is fishermen can use lures to cover more water while they search for fish. Some reddish may scatter out on larger, more expansive flats, making lures the better tackle solution.

A tried-and-true lure option, the spoon may very well represent the top artificial redfish lure of all time. Weedless spoons help prevent the lures from getting caught in grass flats and still serve as one of the best search baits, enabling anglers to cover a significant distance safely.

Plastic, tailed jigs are one of the oldest swimming bait options and are notably effective for catching various fish species. Red drums are no exception to the allure of these artificial baits. A simple, economical, effective option, soft plastic baits come in a wide array of colors and styles. Nonetheless, lighter colors work best in clear water for catching reds, and darker colors are a better solution for murkier conditions.

Top Tackle Solutions for Catching Redfish

Anglers have several choices at their disposal when attempting to fill a cooler to the brim with redfish. The best tackle for redfish will vary depending on the location, tide, temperature, time of year, and other factors. Rite Angler has some of the all-time best saltwater fishing gear for catching reds. With Rite Angler you have so much at your disposal that you can try.

Once you figure out what works best to catch redfish, you should have a few rigs and lures that you can return to get them repeatedly. Always try varied fishing techniques, as variety is crucial to catching any fish.

Our team from Rite Angler focuses on creating durable, corrosion-resistant fishing gear for the angler who understands the importance of quality fishing tackle. To learn more about what we can do to help you start catching reds (or any fish of your choice) in no time, reach out to Rite Angler today!

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