Rite Angler Circle Hook Kit
Make it easy on yourself with the convenience of Rite Angler’s Circle Hook Kit featuring a seven-compartment reusable box stocked with five pieces each of 5/0, 6/0 L197, 6/0 L2004, 8/0 hooks and 10 pieces each of 3/0, 4/0, 7/0 hooks.   --   Rite Angler's Circle Hook Kit contains 45 hooks. 5pc....
Octopus Beak Straight Shank Hook Kit
Convenient, seven-compartment reusable box stocked with 25 pieces each of #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 hooks. A strong, versatile hook for big game fish. -- Octopus Beak Straight Shank Hook Kit: 25 pieces each of #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 hooks THE...
Inline Circle Hook Kit
Make fishing easier with the convenience of Rite Angler’s Inline Circle Hook Kit featuring a seven-compartment reusable box stocked with 25 pieces each of #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 hooks.  -- INLINE CIRCLE HOOK KIT CONTENTS: 25 each, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 CIRCLE HOOKS: Manufactured so that the...
O'Shaughnessy Short Shank Hook Kit
O'Shaughnessy Short Shank is a standard hook forged with a very strong bend. It is relatively thick and very strong. Generally designed for saltwater, it is good for general bottom fishing use. The hook kit contains 25 of each: #1,...
Octopus Beak Up-eye Hook Kit
Octopus beak up-eye hook kit, 25ea., 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 -- Octopus Beak Up-Eye Hook Kit Saltwater grade, corrosion-resistant, black nickel finish hooks Great for Bass and many other freshwater and saltwater species. These hooks are precision-crafted...
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Your fillet knife may be among the most important tools in your tacklebox. And a high-quality knife can be used for more than just cutting bait and filleting your catch. The best, most versatile knives are also great for everyday culinary needs.

However, the most important function of your fillet knife is to ensure you’re removing the most amount of meat possible when cleaning fish. You want a knife that’s sharp, stays sharp and performs for years like its brand new, fillet after fillet after fillet.

Rite Angler offers the best fishing knives in the business. Not only are they made of the highest quality raw materials, but they’re the highest quality value fillet knives, chef knives and block knives you’ll find anywhere.

Rite Angler offers knives for all types of angling and culinary uses. Our knives can be used on the deck, at the cleaning table or in the kitchen. They’re so sharp and precise, you can even use them for preparing sushi.

Different types of Knives

Rite Angler's 8" Damascus Steel Chef's Knife

Our Damascus Steel Chef’s knife is forged from gorgeous and highly valued Damascus steel. Damascus steel is prized for its ability to maintain a sharp edge.
Precision edge blade
Rite Angler watermark
High quality, 67-layer Damascus steel for precision, beauty, and strength
Handmade, HRC 62 Rockwell hardness, 100% Quality Control
12 Degree, razor-sharp edge
It’s comfortable to hold and the ergonomically designed, rounded handle will prevent slipping.
Rite Angler's professional-quality, VG-10 (Gold Standard) steel core is sandwiched between 67-layers of Damascus steel. VG-10 steel outperforms AUS-10 steel in durability. This knife is easy to sharpen and if properly cared for, will last for years. This knife has a Hardness Rockwell of HRC 62.

German Steel Fillet Knifes

Our 6" and 8" knives are custom designed by us, Rite Angler
Each Rite Angler German Steel Fillet Knife is packaged along with a fitted sheath in a high-quality, clamshell, black box. They make a beautiful gift for family, friends, fishermen, chefs, sushi fanatics or anyone who loves cooking.
German steel is very durable and easy to sharpen and is less prone to chipping or breaking. Delicate meats like fish require the flexibility and thinness that these German Steel Fillet Knifes provide.
These highly flexible and ultra-maneuverable knives feature:
A 6” or 8" knife
Full tang
High carbon
German steel
Ergonomically designed
100% Quality control. Every knife is perfect, guaranteed.


Rite Angler’s Fillet Knife Set contains two perfectly sized knives and fitted sheaths. Our ultra-thin 8" and 6" knife set is suitable for all filleting and trimming tasks and for fish of any size.
They’re ideal for filleting fish and cutting super fine slices because the shape of the thin, flexible blade creates better maneuverability when removing the skin or slicing sashimi.
Our two-piece knife set features durable, stainless steel finger guards. While many comparable-priced knives use plastic finger guards, we’ve gone the extra mile. You'll appreciate the textured, non-slip, soft-grip while working in all conditions. Designed for ease while deboning, descaling, filleting, skinning, trimming, or butterflying fish and poultry.

Bamboo Block Knife Set, 5-Piece Limited Edition


Our 5-piece block knife set is forged from German steel. Crafted from a single piece of premium high quality, high-carbon German steel, these knives are built to last.  The knife blades have a “full tang” which means they are one solid piece of steel. The blade runs the full length of the handle.
This set includes:
An 8” Chef’s knife
An 8” Slicing knife
An 8” Bread knife
A 5” Universal knife
And a 3.5” Paring knife.
BAMBOO BLOCK: The natural bamboo block with the fine metal cap is dense enough to resist knife scarring, it naturally resists water penetration making it difficult for bacteria to form. The bamboo block stores all your knives safely.

Keep your knives ultra-sharp with Rite Angler Sharpening Stones

Our two-sided, 6 x 2" Sharpening Stones come with either a plastic or rubber base. Both are great whetstones for refining and honing your knives, hooks, and more.
Designed precisely for sharpening stainless steel knives, hooks, scissors, and cutting tools. Rite Angler's sharpening stone will provide your cutlery with a durable lasting edge that is easier to maintain and safer to use.

Why Choose Rite Angler Fillet Knives, Chef’s Knives, Bamboo Block Knives and Sharpening Stones

All Rite Angler knives are constructed from the highest quality materials. You won’t find higher quality knives, at a better-quality value anywhere else.
The knives in our collection were custom designed by chef-anglers. All our knives are tested in real-world conditions by real-world anglers.

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