Flash Jig
One jig to rule them all! The Rite Angler flash jig is one of the best strike-inducing jigs of all time. It’s an absolute necessity for both saltwater and freshwater anglers who love to fish for multiple predatory species in...
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German Steel Fillet Knife (6" or 8")
Rite Angler 6" and 8", precision-forged, high carbon, German steel fillet knives. Wood color may vary in tone. Select the size and the handle color below. -- German Steel Fillet Knife 6" and 8" knives custom-designed by Rite Angler Each...
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Inline Circle Hook Kit
Make fishing easier with the convenience of Rite Angler’s Inline Circle Hook Kit featuring a seven-compartment reusable box stocked with 25 pieces each of #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 hooks.  -- INLINE CIRCLE HOOK KIT CONTENTS: 25 each, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 CIRCLE HOOKS: Manufactured so that the...
Snapper Rig
Rite Angler Snapper Rigs have in-line circle hooks with 40lb, 50lb, or 60lb 3' leaders.  Choose from 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 hook sizes. Ready to go right out of the package. 3/PK -- Rite Angler Snapper Rigs have in-line circle hooks...
Grouper Rig with Egg Sinker
Grouper rig with egg sinker has a superior quality monofilament leader that can withstand line-gnawing reefs, a 2oz. barrel swivel, egg sinker, and an in-line circle hook that meets the requirements of regulated waters. Hook size: 13/0. Weight sizes: 4 oz., 6 oz.,...
Stainless Steel Planer
Strong, durable fishing planers made with saltwater-grade, corrosion-resistant materials. #2, #3, #4 sizes. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1/pk --   Stainless Steel Planer Rite Angler's stainless steel planer is available in three sizes. Downrigger planers use the force of the water to...
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4 oz. Jiggin' Dipper
4 oz., bucktail Jiggin' Dipper. Pre-rigged. Saltwater and freshwater fishing. 1/pk --   4 oz. Jiggin' Dipper The scaled holographic head of our 4 oz. Jiggin' Dipper has been custom designed with high-quality 3D details. All the components of this...
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures Set of Four
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures Set of four, 8" pre-rigged, skirted trolling lures. Attract big game fish when trolling with this set of high-quality lures. -- Tuna Dart Lures Four, 8" Pre-rigged, Skirted Trolling Lures Attract big game fish when trolling...
162-Piece Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit
162-Piece Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit This 162-piece complete beach and pier fishing kit has all the high-quality tackle you need for a great summer on the water. Just grab your pole, your fishing kit and head to the...
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8" Chuggers Set of 10 Trolling Lures
10, 8", rigged chugger head trolling lures in four assorted colors. Crystal resin concave chugger heads with 3D holographs get the attention of the big game fish you're after. -- 10, 8″, pre-rigged chugger-head style topwater trolling lures in four...
Pompano Rig
Top-quality pre-tied Pompano Rig. 40lb, 0.6mm mono, 60lb #2 "gold" plated hook, black crane swivel, floats (2 or 3) 12mm x 15mm, 6mm pink/orange bead, duolock snap. Pairs well with our Pyramid Sinkers. 2-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 35" 3-Hook Rig – Hook:...
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Precut Fluorocarbon Leader 4' (Pink)
Our Precut fluorocarbon polymer alloy leaders are great for all your quick fishing needs. Just grab it and go! Popular color for fishing especially in South Florida. Disappearing pink loses its color at various depths and becomes invisible. Also available...
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22-Piece Red Eye Jig Kit
This 22-piece Red Eye Jig Kit has all the high-quality red eye jig heads you need for a successful day on the water. With seven sizes of jig heads, you have all the flexibility you need to catch anything from...
Mutsu 4X Strong Circle Hook Kit
  See our Mutsu Circle Hooks in action!   Introducing the 4x Strong Mutsu Circle Hook Kit, the ultimate choice for anglers who demand strength, durability, and reliability from their fishing gear.  Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these...
Large Tackle Kit (377 pcs)
This 377-piece Large Tackle Kit means no more weekly trips to the tackle shop. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water. Because of the large amount of tackle included, you’ll not only...
269-Piece Complete Tackle Kit
Save time and a lot of money with your new 269-piece Complete Tackle Kit. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water, without you going through the hassle of hand assembling this wide...
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