Live Bait & Fishing Kit – 222 pcs
Catch more bait and more fish with Rite Angler’s Live Bait & Fishing Kit. Rig shrimp, shiners, crabs, sand fleas, worms, or any other bait. Saltwater or freshwater! It’s no secret! Every angler knows that live bait catches more fish....
Mutsu 4X Strong Circle Hook Kit
  See our Mutsu Circle Hooks in action!   Introducing the 4x Strong Mutsu Circle Hook Kit, the ultimate choice for anglers who demand strength, durability, and reliability from their fishing gear.  Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these...
Rite Angler Bridge and Pier Cast Net
The perfect cast net for live bait fishing from bridges, piers, docks, or the shoreline. The extra-long throw rope/handline means you can reach the bait. You don’t need a boat to catch live bait with the Rite Angler Bridge and...
$66.67 from $50.00
Rite Angler Gift Card
Got a Serious Angler In Your Life… But Don’t Know Exactly What to Get Them? Relax, It’s Easy. Just get them a Rite Angler Gift Card! With Rite Angler gift cards, you’re getting your angler exactly what they want… It...
from $25.00
Rite Angler Premium Cast Net
See our cast net in action: Features: * Double lead lines, one passing through the opening in the lead weights and another securing the lead   line to the cast net's main strings * Both heavyweight lines are attached at close...
from $100.00
Rite Angler's Bottom Fishing Holiday Gift Bundle
Everything you need for a successful day of bottom fishing. This gift includes a 3/8 oz. Jiggin Dipper, a three pack of grouper fishing rigs, a three pack of yellowtail snapper rigs, a custom-made snapper rig, a flash jig and...
$31.76 $25.00
Rite Angler's Deep Drop Fishing Holiday Gift Bundle
For that special someone who loves fishing way down deep, this gift includes a custom made, 5-hook clear line deep drop rig, an ultra-strong 5-hook monster grouper rig, and a battle tested, 5-hook Queen Snapper rig. Keep in mind, this...
$69.96 $55.00
Summer Bundle
Damascus Fillet Knife and Ultimate Beach Kit   8" Damascus Steel Fillet Knife A masterpiece of precision cutlery. Hand crafted Damascus steel fillet knives are among the world’s most sought-after blades. They are exceptionally hard, exceptionally flexible, exceptionally sharp, and...
$207.98 $157.98
UPF 50 High Performance Fishing Shirts - Rite Angler Bahama Blue
from $44.99
UPF 50 High Performance Fishing Shirts - Rite Angler Bahama Blue
Every angler, whether offshore, nearshore, or freshwater, needs protection from the elements. While sunscreen has its place, covering your upper half with greasy, slimy sunscreen can lead to a very annoying outcome, and lost fish. With Rite Angler’s UPF 50...
from $44.99
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