Charlie's Pre-Rigged Shrimp Trio 3/pk
Charlie's 4" Shrimp Trio. Pre-rigged, 4/0 hook, weighted insert, scented soft bait. 3 pack. -- Charlie’s pre-rigged Shrimp Trio — Ready-to-go Right Out of The Package. Charlie’s Worm's own realistic fantail shrimp design. Weighted insert in the center Realistic movement...
Live Bait & Fishing Kit – 222 pcs
Catch more bait and more fish with Rite Angler’s Live Bait & Fishing Kit. Rig shrimp, shiners, crabs, sand fleas, worms, or any other bait. Saltwater or freshwater! It’s no secret! Every angler knows that live bait catches more fish....
Spade Tail Grub Kit (36 pieces)
Four assorted colors. Includes jigs. 36 pieces in total. The fat-bodied, soft bait grub design gives off a natural presentation that fish love. --   Spade Tail Grub Kit Kits are convenient. Having this 36-piece Spade Tail Grub soft bait...
Swimbait Kit (22 pieces)
4” swim bait with a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail to create balanced action in the water. 22 piece kit includes hooks and weights. -- Swimbait Kit stocked with Charlie's Worms classic 4″, paddle tail Lil' Zipper Dipper...
Lightweight Spinning Reel
Lightweight, Ball Bearing Spinning Reel available in 4 sizes. Great for fresh and saltwater fishing. Cast light lures farther with a spinning reel. 1/pk -- Lightweight Spinning Reel Throw lighter lures farther, it's built for distance. Casting across or into...
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Gecko Lizard Kit
Realistic, high-quality design, Charlie’s 6.5" gecko features a sleek lightweight profile and webbed feet for life-like action. Kit contains 26 pieces in total. -- Gecko Lizard Kit from Charlie's Worms contains 26 pieces in four assorted colors. It also includes...
Super Zipper Dipper Kit
Charlie’s Super Zipper Dipper kit, 20 pieces. --   Super Zipper Dipper Kit - 20 Pieces Charlie’s 4.5" Super Zipper Dipper has a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail that create balanced action in the water The round tapered...
Curly Tail Grub Kit
The Curly Tail Grub Kit contains three jigs and soft bait in four assorted colors. 23 pieces in total. -- Charlie's Worms 4" Curly Tail Grub Kit They're versatile! You can use it for anything, a grub works well in...
Small Tackle Kit (191 pcs.)
Save yourself the time of assembling your terminal tackle supplies because this small tackle kit has your essentials. The contents are separated into a well-organized utility box which you can refill and reuse as necessary. 191 piece kit. --   Rite...
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