Charlie's Pre-Rigged Shrimp Trio 3/Pk (12 colors to choose from)
Charlie's 4" shrimp trio three-pack come scented, pre-rigged on a 4/0 hook with a weighted insert and are ready to fish right out of the package. With 12 colors to choose from, you can assure strikes in nearly any water...
8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm
Charlie's Worms Classic 8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm is made of medium texture plastisol that allows its flexible ribbon tail to move naturally. 10 pack. -- Charlie's classic 8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worms Made from high-quality scented plastisol. They have a...
10" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm
Charlie's Worms 10" Swimming Worm has a ribbed soft plastic body with a tapered ribbon tail. It puts Bass, Walleye, Pike, and other gamefish on the hook! 6 pack. -- 10’’ Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm Charlie's Worms classic ribbon tail,...
Spade Tail Grub (12 Pack)
Charlie's 3" Spade Tail Grub. Great on a jig. It can be used as a deep water lure or fished effectively in shallow water. Very versatile scented soft bait. 12 pack. -- Drop it, swim it, dart it... Charlie's 3"...
6" Twin Tail Shrimp (6 Pack)
6" Saltwater Twin Tail Shrimp soft bait six-pack. This is a go-to bait for inshore fishing! --   6" Twin Tail Shrimp soft plastic bait The Twin-Tail Shrimp is used in many ways and is similar to the Grub. It...
Charlie's Attack Shad (6 Pack)
Charlie's 4.5" Attack Shad. This shad has a thick paddle tail that creates vibrations fish can really feel. 6/pk -- Charlie's Attack Shad is a 4.5" long versatile swimbait. Fishermen have used this stocky shad in numerous ways for many...
Twitchin' Shad (8 pack)
Charlie's 5" Twitchin' Shad has a fat body and slender tail which allows it to swim like a live shad when moving slow or fast. 8 pack. -- Charlie's 5" Twitchin' Shad has a fat body and slender tail allows...
6" Grub (6 Pack)
6" Grub. This soft-plastic lure has a ribbed body and a tail that forms a large curled “C” shape when it lies flat. As it pulls through the water while retrieving it, the tail creates motion and ripples that fish...
Gecko (8 Pack)
Charlie’s Worms 6.5" Ribbon Tail Gecko. Scented with Charlie’s timeless wild berry fragrance that's irresistible to fish. 8-pack --   Charlie's Worms Gecko. The lizard with a swimming tail! Realistic high-quality design. Charlie’s 6.5" soft bait gecko features a sleek...
4" Twin Tail Shrimp (6 Pack)
6 pack of 4" Saltwater Twin Tail Shrimp soft bait --   Charlie’s 4" Twin Tail Shrimp, 8 Pack Charlie's Worms Twin-Tail Shrimp is used in many ways but most similar to the Grub. It may be rigged weedless, but...
6″ Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm - Watermelon
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6″ Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm - Watermelon
Charlie's classic 6’’ Swimming Worm has a ribbed soft plastic body with a tapered ribbon tail. Floats just beneath the surface when rigged. Easy worm for working across the top. 12 pack -- Charlie's classic 6" ribbon tail swimming worms Made...
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5" Curly-Tail Grub (10 Pack) - Root Beer Green
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5" Curly-Tail Grub (10 Pack) - Root Beer Green
5" Curly-Tail Grub. Versatile! Found in every angler’s tackle box. A grub works well in any setting for freshwater and saltwater. 10 pack. --   5" Curly-Tail Grub 10 pack Versatile! Found in every angler’s tackle box. You can use...
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Alabama Minnow (8 Pack)
Charlie's Worms Alabama Minnow (aka Viper Minnow) has a 4" long paddle tail design and available in several alluring colors. 8/pk -- Charlie's Worms Alabama Minnow (also known as the Viper Minnow) The 4" Alabama Minnow is available in several...
Charlie's Baby Shad (12 Pack)
Charlie’s baby shad is 2.5″ long. Resealable pack of 12. Free jig included. --   Charlie's Baby Shad 2.5" scented, paddle tail soft bait. This mini shad can be fished by itself, on a jig, dredge, or daisy chain Charlie’s...
Charlie's Trailer (10 Pack)
Trailer, scented soft bait. The lightweight, twin-tail design allows for easy casting. The oval-shaped body is simple to rig on any size or style of jig. 10/pk -- Charlie's Trailers, 4" Scented Twin-Tail Soft Bait Available in 6 colors. Conveniently packaged...
Big Dipper (5 Pack)
Charlie's Worms 5.5" Big Dipper. Scented soft bait that has been backed by tournament fishermen. The thick nose shape cast like a missile. 5 pack. -- 5.5" long, Charlie’s Big Dipper. Classic paddle tail soft bait. Charlie’s Big Dipper swimbait...
Zipper Dipper
4.5" long, Charlie's Zipper Dipper has a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail to create balanced action in the water. 8-pack -- 4.5" long, Charlie’s Zipper Dipper six-pack. Charlie’s Zipper Dipper has a carefully designed narrow body and paddle...
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Brush Buster (6 Pack)
Freshwater fishing Brush Buster, soft bait six-pack -- Charlie's Worms freshwater Brush Buster. Soft bait six-pack. Charlie's Brush Buster is designed to fish in heavy cover as its name implies. Texas rig it to fish over brush piles, submerged timber....
Jerk Bait Kit (23 pieces)
Charlie's Worms Jerk Bait Kit, 23 pieces in assorted colors with three jigs. 5” soft plastic Swimming Juke has natural movement and a more realistic appearance underwater. -- Charlie's Worms Jerk Bait Kit VARIETY: Four assorted colors in every kit,...
3'' Twin Tail Shrimp (8 Pack)
Charlie's 3" Twin Tail Shrimp. A go-to bait for inshore fishing. 8-pack --   Charlie’s 3" Twin Tail Shrimp, 8 Pack Charlie's Worms Twin-Tail Shrimp is used in many ways but most similar to the Grub. It may be rigged...
Hoppin' Frog (6 Pack)
Charlie’s Worms 3.5" Hoppin' Frog. Target small and largemouth bass, pickerel, muskie, and more. 6pk --   Charlie's Worms 3.5" Hoppin' Frog A freshwater swim bait. Perfectly shaped to move weightlessly over lily pads, or into brush and cover. Wherever...
Large Crawfish (8 Pack)
Charlie’s Worms original design. Large 4" Crawfish, 8 Pack. -- Large Crawfish (8 Pack) from Charlie's Worms. A versatile freshwater soft bait. Refined to perfection! 4" long, and available in nine color variations. This creature bait produces consistent results. Charlie’s...
4" Curly Tail Grub (12 pack)
4" Curly Tail Grub, 12 pack. Versatile! They’re found in every angler’s tackle box because you can use it for almost anything. Choose your color according to species targeted. -- 4" Curly Tail Grub 12 pack from Charlie's Worms Versatile!...
Baby Juke (8 Pack)
The Baby Juke is a 4" scented swimbait available in a variety of Charlie's colors. Hook everything from Carp to Sea Bass. 8 pack. -- Available in a variety of colors. Charlie's Baby Juke is a 4″ scented swimbait that...
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Looking to land a slammer snook, or a big ole’ spotted sea trout, but don’t want to spend a fortune on live bait? Well, Rite Angler has the saltwater soft baits for you.

Our saltwater soft baits are designed to entice a bite without the need for expensive live baits. Our saltwater soft baits can help you catch snook, sea trout, redfish, stripers, tarpon, black drum, weakfish and more. In fact, saltwater soft baits can be effective on almost any saltwater species there is and are especially effective for catching fish that cruise the flats like bonefish and permit.

If you’re spending an entire day on the water, and want to up your game, loading your tackle box with saltwater soft baits before you hit the water is a must. Not only can you attract almost any fish with soft baits, but you’ll be able to hook your target species, and over again on a single soft bait…

Then you can use that same saltwater soft bait the next day too!

Rite Angler offers the following saltwater soft baits:
Twin-tail Shrimp in 3 sizes
Pre-rigged Shrimp
Swimming Jukes
Twitchin’ Shads
Alabama Minnows
Salt Bang-Os
Full curly tail grub kits with jig heads
Full saltwater swimbait kits with jig heads
Full saltwater jerk bait kits with jig heads
Full spade tail grub kits with jig heads
Lil’ Zipper Dippers
Full Super Zipper Dipper kits with jig heads
Spade tail grubs
Lil Bos
Finesse worms
Charlie’s Trailers
Charlie’s Chunks
Charlie’s Baby Shads
Charlie’s Attack Shads
Big Dipper Paddle tails
Curly tail grubs (3 sizes)
Baby Jukes
Super Swimming Jukes…
And more!

Why Choose Rite Angler’s Saltwater Soft Baits 
With Rite Angler saltwater soft baits, you get the most bang for your buck. Rite Angler is known industrywide for our super high-quality soft baits, trolling lures, terminal tackle tools and cutlery. We only use the best materials in the manufacture of our soft baits to ensure they not only attract fish, but they last.

You’ll notice that many of our soft baits come to you pre-scented. We add scent to our soft baits that are proven to attract fish. With our saltwater soft baits, there’s practically no reason for you to add any additional scent, saving you even more money.

We offer our saltwater soft baits to you, which are hand designed and tournament tested by real anglers, at the best possible quality and value you’ll find anywhere else.

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