How to Use Pompano Rigs

It can seem challenging to catch pompano. A pompano is a deep-bodied toothless fish that tends to be picky with the rigs they'll latch on to. Luckily, anglers everywhere have developed a stunning pompano rig to help catch these elusive and delicious beauties.

Pompano make for great table fare!

A Pompano Rig

A pompano rig, also known as a chicken rig, is a lure that helps saltwater fisherman catch bottom fish, and fish along the shoreline. A pompano rig is highly effective for surf fishing and pier fishing when targeting surf perch or pompano, where the rig earns its name.

How is a Pompano Rig Different From Other Rigs?

Pompano rigs imitate sand flea eggs and have a bright bead with a vibrant yellow float. As a result, it makes it impossible for pompano to resist and can hold your bait at the bottom of the ocean. Attaching a sinker, usually 2-4 oz. in weight, can help keep your bait at the perfect level to attract beautiful catches.

How To Tie a Pompano Rig

Tying a pompano rig is simple once you have done it at least once. Once you learn how to tie a pompano rig, you will be ready to hook bait and catch some fish!

Ensure Stability

You want a sinker for your pompano rig to reach the depths where the pompano hunt and other bottom fish dwell. Firstly, you should use a clinch knot if you can. Pull about five feet of fishing line, then tie the snap swivel to ensure your rig has stability before you attach a sinker to your pompano rig.

Tie Your Dropper

Secondly, you should tie your first dropper ten inches above your sinker. You can connect a second dropper another ten inches above the first. It ensures you can use multiple baits throughout your fishing adventure, allowing for more lucrative fishing.

Slide the Float

Next, you want to slide your float over the first dropper loop before sliding your bead on carefully. Be cautious, and do not hurt yourself; otherwise, you will end up with a prick or cut from the sharp hook as you set up your pompano rig.

Down to the Barrel

Finally, you tie your barrel swivel to the other two dropper knots. After doing so, you can connect the barrel swivel to the rig's top. It ensures that your pompano rig is ready to go.

Or, you can just get some pre-tied Pompano Rigs and forget all the hassle!

Baits Should You Use

There are several baits that pompano cannot resist. After you have learned how to tie a pompano rig, or get some pre-tied Pompano Rigs, you should decide which bait you will use.

Sand Fleas

As mentioned, the pompano rig has a coloration that resembles sand flea eggs, which pampano and other bottom fish love to consume. It makes excellent bait to attract hungry fish. They are also known as "mole crabs," which you can find by the seashore.


Shrimp is always a fantastic bait to purchase at your local bait shop. You should be aware of high and low tides, however. If it is low tide, cast your shrimp farther than high tide to ensure the most guaranteed catch.

Where Can You Get a Pre-Tied Pompano Rig?

Rite Angler has provided saltwater anglers with bait and tackle for years. We have high-quality pre-tied pompano rigs, droppers, swivels, and more to help ensure your next saltwater adventure is worth bragging over.

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