Snap Swivels

Fishing with a swivel is perfect for relaxed, tangle free  fishing trips. They are easy to use, comfortable to maintain, and help eliminate many problems ordinarily encountered with traditional tackle.

What is a Snap Swivel?

A snap swivel is a specialized tackle that helps connect your fishing line to your lure while ensuring your line does not twist. A snap swivel rotates in a full circle to help and offer a more relaxed experience than a traditional snap.

How Snap Swivels Work

A snap swivel combines two pieces of terminal tackle: the snap and the swivel. A snap is a clasp that attaches to the lure, or lure leader, while the swivel prevents a line from twisting as it rotates circularly around a fixed point. This is especially important for trolling.

Snap Swivels vs. Snaps

Fishing with swivels can be more relaxing for many anglers, although professional tournament fishers use traditional snaps. There are reasons for this, but ordinarily, if you are looking for a relaxed fishing weekend and are not trying to compete for cash, prestige, or fame, a snap swivel is the best option.

When Do You Want To Use a Snap Swivel?

Fishing swivels are beneficial for all types of fishing, especially in saltwater, where the currents and sea conditions can be more tumultuous, and the fish can be more challenging to wrangle. It would be best if you used a snap swivel for the following reasons:

You're Changing Lures Quickly

If you are fishing in an area with diverse fish and different feeding patterns, having a snap swivel can make changing lures and bait far easier. It can also help keep your line from snapping in a struggle, making it easier to recast or get back on the troll if the fish gets away.

Constantly retying the lures and lines can be exhausting. It's especially true when you have to swap baits, and not all of us have sixteen or so different rods ready to go with precise lures that we can switch out at a moment notice.

Concerned About Twisted Lines

The worst feeling in the world is having your line snap or get tangled, especially when the fish you are angling for is only around at certain times. Every minute counts and time spent fumbling with the fishing line is time you could've spent trying to snag that all-important catch.

Fishing with a swivel helps reduce that from happening as a snap swivel moves independently from the line, helping keep the line steady no matter the struggle or shift of the water. They also allow your baits, if you’re trolling, to not spin and flip.

Out with the Kids

Ensuring children can fish is paramount; otherwise, they will have a poor time. A snap swivel helps children keep their line secure and untangled, as their unpredictable nature leads to many rods not working as intended. A snap swivel makes it easy for children to enjoy fishing with all their wild energy.

Trolling the Deep With Experienced Anglers

Experienced anglers know that the snap swivel is a go to for most trolling efforts. Not only do they allow for less line twist and less bait spin, but you can change out baits and lures very quickly, keeping you on the action.

Snap Swivels and More

Finding the right snap swivel can make or break a relaxing fishing trap. We want every fishing trip to be the best, and we can make that happen with high-quality tools. We bring you the highest quality fishing swivels and tackle at Rite Angler.

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