Double Loop Torpedo Weight
Our Rite Angler Double Loop Torpedo Weights are available in 1oz., 1.5oz., 2oz., 3oz., 3.5oz., 4.5oz., 5oz., 6oz., 7oz., 8oz., 13oz., 17.5oz., 26.5oz., 35oz. sizes. The streamlined design is great for trolling your lures and baits. Greater sink rate with...
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Lead Egg Sinker
Our Rite Angler Egg Sinkers are available in 1oz., 2oz., 3oz., 4oz., 5oz., and 8oz. sizes. Great for Carolina rigging for bass. Approx. 1/2 lb. of lead per package. --   Lead Egg Sinker Lead egg sinkers are a favorite...
Egg Sinker Kit (30 pieces)
Lead egg sinkers are a favorite among catfish anglers as well as the best choice for Carolina rigging for bass. They work perfectly for dragging along the bottom through mud, gravel, or sand to attract a fish’s attention. 30 Piece...
Lead Pyramid Sinker
Pyramid sinkers have an inverted, streamlined profile and sink quickly. They work best when fishing in fast currents as they resist tumbling. Great for surf fishing. Approx. 1/2 lb. per bag. --   Lead Pyramid Sinkers Lead pyramid sinkers with...
Double Swivel Sinker .8oz
.8 oz. Double swivel sinkers are fitted with swivels at each end to prevent twists. The streamlined design is great for trolling. 10/PK --   Double Swivel Sinker Double Swivel Sinkers are standard trolling sinkers with a swivel at each...
Lead Cannonball Sinker
The spherical cannonball sinker will sink faster and drop straighter than other sinkers. A top choice for salmon and steelhead fishermen. Available in 1oz., 2oz., 3oz., 4oz., 5oz. sizes. --   Lead Cannonball Sinker Lead cannonball sinkers are ideal for...
Lead Disc Sinker
Lead disc sinkers lay completely flat like a pancake on the bottom and resist tumbling in the current. Great for stationary fishing. Approximately 1/2 lb. bags. --   Lead Disc Sinker Lead Disc Sinkers are flat, coin-shaped “no roll” sinkers. ...
Small Tackle Kit (192 pcs.)
This 192-piece small tackle kit is perfect for anglers of all kinds. Great for either freshwater or saltwater angling, this kit is designed as a grab-and-go, allowing you to fish anytime, anywhere. It conveniently fits neatly into most cars’ gloveboxes,...
Large Tackle Kit (377 pcs)
This 377-piece Large Tackle Kit means no more weekly trips to the tackle shop. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water. Because of the large amount of tackle included, you’ll not only...
Lead Bank Sinker
Lead Bank Sinkers have an aerodynamic teardrop shape. They're standard surf sinkers and commonly used for fishing from the shore and jetties. One of the most popular fishing sinkers. Approx. 1/2 lb. per bag. --   Lead Bank Sinker Lead...
269-Piece Complete Tackle Kit
Save time and a lot of money with your new 269-piece Complete Tackle Kit. It has all the high-quality tackle you need for an amazing time on the water, without you going through the hassle of hand assembling this wide...
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